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Today we are pioneering ‘Network Automation’ driven with the vision of building a ‘self-run-network’ tomorrow. Our trade mark product ‘InSync Automation Engine’ sits at the core of our portfolio with its use-cases spread across various industries. Our product comes with generic features as well as out of the box business solutions for industries such as capital markets and service providers. Whilst we help businesses to bring operational efficiencies and agility through automation, our in-house experts also offer services such as design, build, implement and manage of mission critical networks and security solutions with global players such as Cisco & Fortinet.

InSync Automation Engine

InSync automation suite offers solutions across a network’s lifecycle that helps businesses improve its efficiency, build capacity and manageability. InSync models network automation solutions covering the lifecycle of a network that consist of three stages.

InSync Automation Engine version 1.0 automates networks within its lifecycle of roll-out, manage and redesign. It simplifies manual tasks in each of these stages and manages all network elements as a single system. With automation engine, businesses can be agile, complied and manage SLAs with stakeholders.

Roll-out is an important stage of a lifecycle that consumes valuable time and effort. InSync automated provisioning helps greenfield and brownfield deployments, migrations and change management to be efficient, precise and consistent.

Managing networks is critical in providing a superior user experience and maintaining SLAs with stakeholders. Regular health checks of network, proactive monitoring and alerting play a key role in achieving above as it will give real time visibility in to what’s happening in your network.

InSync automated health-check will unify silo network elements to give a holistic viewpoint of your network. It will alert network state changes, software and hardware status, and run regular checks of network on a periodic or manual basis.

Redesign stage - Foundation towards a transformational journey begins with knowing the current position, its challenges and analyzing gaps. InSync automated assessments will compare network devices against a business relevant recommended design model. This helps to execute a gap analysis of network, to assess current status of the network and to plan ahead.

Network assessments helps organizations to identify if the configurations are business relevant, up to date and follows best practices. At the same time, regular assessments are important in order to avoid unexpected disruptions and abide SLAs.

Capital market solution

Market data access – Capital markets serves large number of brokers handling thousands of market data feeds. Timely access to market data is crucial for brokers for business decisions and therefore enabling access on demand plays a key role in trading business. Market data is nothing but a multicast feed that’s enabled or disabled by firewalls at the exchange based on business needs of brokers. In a high frequency trading environment (HFT), hundreds of enablement requests come on daily basis to provide market data access to brokers. This is a routine task handled by network engineers on daily basis and a manual process that involves business requirement translation to technical requirement. InSync’s network automation solution for capital markets help exchanges to automate market data access provisioning for greater efficiency, responsiveness, accuracy and visibility.

Market data access requires connectivity that’s created on on-demand basis. This requires site to site connectivity between exchange and brokers which is a time-consuming manual routine job. InSync automation engine automates this process by giving out of the box workflows for enabling disabling VPN tunnel provisioning.

Service provider solution

Service providers extend layer 2 and layer 3 links to its enterprise clients across multiple geo-regions. These could be circuits provisioned within the service providers own network or with the support of partner networks. In today’s competitive business environment, enterprises require flexibility and timely provisioning of circuits for its business operations. Therefore, timely and on-demand delivery of circuits are crucial for service providers to make their enterprise clients enabled. InSync’s automation engine provides portals to service provider administrators as well as to its clients enabling them to automate circuit provisioning, on-demand bandwidth and for demand-based billing as opposed to a fixed term billing.

Service providers manage WAN routers for large enterprises such as banks that has a large branch network. Monitoring, troubleshooting and change management of WAN routers is a time-consuming tedious task due to sheer volume of devices and number of customers. InSync automation engine solves this problem by giving portals and dashboards for service providers and to its enterprise customers to manage pre-defined set of change configurations by themselves. Further it gives status comparison of devices for service providers to diagnose WAN related tickets raised by its customers.

Enterprise solution

Enterprise solution of InSync automation engine addresses daily routine tasks handled by network engineers. Out of the box enterprise solution consist of features that can be outright adopted within an organization and include frequent manual tasks. Some of the network automation workflows defined are as follows and has many more capabilities that can be used in a multi-vendor environment.

  • Device inventory discovery
  • Device configuration discovery
  • Device L2/L3/Security services discovery
  • Layer 3 service provisioning
  • Services provisioning
  • Configuration and state comparison

Workflow Automation

Workflows are quite common in the networking field. Mostly workflows are initiated with a business user demanding a service fulfillment, that subsequently converts to a technical requirement. As with any workflow, multiple stakeholders and approvals are involved making it a time-consuming operation. InSync automation engine can automate these workflows giving both business and admin portals to self-provision routine workflows. What was previously done manually, can now be run autonomously brining more efficiency and accuracy. Since automated workflows are performed on a systematic basis, it brings a great deal of simplicity for troubleshooting and diagnosing issues.