Automated provisioning

Network roll-out is an important stage of a network life cycle. However, some of the operations during roll-out can be automated as it involves repetitive tasks. InSync automated provisioning helps greenfield and brownfield deployments, migrations and change management to be efficient, precise and consistent.

Automated health-checks

InSync automated health-check will unify silo network elements to give a holistic viewpoint of your network. It will alert network state changes, software and hardware status, and run regular checks of network on a periodic or manual basis.

Automated assessments

InSync automated assessments will compare network devices against a business relevant recommended design model. This helps to execute a gap analysis of network, to assess current status of the network and to plan ahead.

Need for automation

In this era of unicorns, businesses today are challenged by creative value propositions brought by the new born startups. Creative business models, unique value propositions, lean operational structures, ridiculous degree of scalability and agility are some of the success constructs for these giants. In order to be competitive under these circumstances, businesses today need to innovate. Unfortunately, close to 80% of IT budgets are spent on operations and only 20% is invested on innovation. In order to make maximum allocation for innovation out of IT budgets, expenditure on routine activities has to be minimized to gain operational efficiency. This is where network automation comes in to play as it can reduce up to 60% of IT expenditure on operational efficiency. Automation reduces time and efforts spent on routine tasks and brings technology closer to the business users. Further it simplifies networks enhancing agility and scalability giving businesses the freedom from technical challenges.

Our solution for network automation

InSync automation engine is unique in many ways as it truly understands the business and technology requirements of today and beyond. Our platform is built with a purpose of aligning technology with business and therefore has considered realistic aspects of today’s network automation requirements.

Closer to the business

Through network automation, we try to bridge the gap between business and technology.

Support for conventional and software defined networks

We have considered todays’ business requirements and beyond when designing our platform.

Vendor agnostic

Any network will comprise of nodes from multiple vendors and we understand that.

Cloud ready

Inevitably cloud will undertake a hefty composition of network traffic processing.

Life cycle approach

We cover the entire lifecycle of networks with automation. Starting from provisioning, to monitoring and finally to change.

Future proof

Investment protection with modulerized architecture.

Benefits of Network Automation

Faster roll-out - Market readiness ahead of competition, responsiveness to customer needs

Saving valuable man hours - More productivity, efficiency & space for innovation

Simplification - Lesser costs, higher capacity and lean operation

Ability to roll-back immediately - Minimize disruptions with lesser risks

Consistency and Precision - Allows consistent and precise configurations across a network- compliance