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Driven by business imperatives such as agility, on-demand services and scale, Digital transformation demands efficient operation that could handle exponential volumes of transactions at a fraction of time. As digital transformation is pervasive across business models, operations and infrastructure it’s inevitable that network operations too should change. This is where network automation helps businesses transform their network operations extending operational efficiency and superior customer experience. Whilst believing the invent of autonomous networks, InSync helps its customers step in to their journey towards network automation with its product ‘InSync Automation Engine’ and services.

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Vendor agnostic network automation and orchestration platform for all your needs

Network Automation for CSP

Platform to cater CSP network automation requirements for operations, ISP,  international business, cloud connect and internal IT.

Network Automation for Enterprise

Platform to simplify your internal IT network operations and network management

Integration & Consultancy Services

Services for complex integrations, NetDevOps practice, training & use-case discovery

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Network Automation Solutions

Digital transformation of communication service providers keeps Network Automation at the center of operations transformation. Find out how InSync’s automation platform can contribute.

Today, Enterprises are challenged by new business models and entrances. In order to keep up, enterprises need to be agile and innovative. Explore how network automation can be leveraged for a lean operation & simplified network management.

Integrate your systems to benefit from network automation. Our services arm will help you discover use-cases, develop automated workflows in a multi-vendor environment. Need training or consultancy? sure we can help you.

Network Automation as a stepping stone towards Autonomous Networks?

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Network Automation for CSP

Transform towards a Digital Service Provider

TM Forum Framework for Network Automation

Increased data consumption needs, lower ARPU, increased operating expenses coupled with high competition and customer expectations have driven communication service providers (CSP) to transform into digital service providers (DSP). In this journey, network automation has become an integral part of DSP strategy and InSync caters that very need of CSPs through its own in-house developed automation platform – ‘InSync Automation Engine’.

Communication service providers are aligning their strategy towards becoming Digital service providers to become much more than mere connectivity providers. This is where service providers are looking at bringing capabilities such as self-care servicing, zero-touch service enablement and programmable networks. Throughout this journey of transformation, network automation plays an integral role as it brings efficiencies and business agility

Network Automation for Enterprise

Simplify Network Management

Businesses today are heavily disrupted by innovative business models and new entrances. In order to keep up with pace and to grow, businesses require to respond to customer needs immediately. Superior customer experience, market readiness and responsiveness have become increasingly important. In order to stay ahead of the game, businesses need to be agile and innovative. This is where technology can support businesses to become market ready and innovative. Ability to manure changes on a timely, consistent and precise manner is a vital factor in becoming market ready and this is where automation plays a crucial role.

Benefits of Network Automation

Increased service velocity

Automation ensures timely, guaranteed service delivery with minimum errors providing a superior service for its users. Since delivery time is now reduced, this allows network engineers to provide superior SLAs to clients

On-demand services

Automation enables network engineers to offer new on-demand services which were previously not possible due to pile of work and time taken to execute them. As a result new monetization streams can be introduced to your business.

Increased capacity

Automation increases network engineering team’s capacity that allows them to undertake more volume of operations resulting with client satisfaction.  With the proliferation of data, devices and applications it is necessary to increase capacity whilst keeping costs down.

Peace of Mind

Network engineers do not have to be concerned about tracking or closing tickets as they are now being automated. Further, they can now accommodate requests that comes through work hours as well as on non-working hours without any concern

Minimized Error

Automation eliminates human errors encountered on manual processes. This result with a high-quality timely service delivery without a need for corrective measures or back and forth communication with users

Job enrichment & innovation

Automation takes away the mundane tasks out of network engineers. As a result, they now have time to handle challenging, stimulating work with creativity

Enhanced visibility & analytics

Automation platform collects user request, workflow status, configuration and state data of network devices giving more visibility for network engineers. As more data are now available on a central platform, network engineers can now use that data to analyze them, identify trends, take decisions and to forecast. These data can then be used along with ML for prediction or for closed loop automation.

Operational Efficiency

Maintaining an efficient operation helps bottom line improvement for any company. With network automation, network engineers spent inconsiderable time on routine tasks increasing operational efficiency and gaining double digital speed of operation.


Increased Security

Ensuring compliance to standards is a time consuming tedious tasks. With network automation, you can set the rules and leverage automation to ensures network rules, firewall rules are set as expected and no deviations are found. Further, with automated de-provisioning you can remove rules that are deployed on temporary basis to ensure security. 

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InSync Automation Engine: A vendor agnostic network automation platform for all your needs

  • Platform centric approach for network automation
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